10 Best Features of the Android Keylogger

Android KeyloggerAndroid smartphones are rank among the most popular in the world in this class of communications devices. The reason is the open nature of the Android operating system and that many smartphone manufacturers take advantage of this characteristic and exploit all of its features.

Parents give Android smartphones to their children and employers issue them to their employees for valid reasons. Parents think about safety for their children and give them a smartphone so that their kids can reach them. Employers issue smartphones to their employees for use in their jobs.

There is a myriad of reasons why folks give those they look after an Android smartphone. However, there are also times when the recipients of these smart devices use them for mischief or misdeeds. A good example is just wasting time browsing the internet and chatting with friends.

This is why the folks at Retina-X Studios created the Mobile Spy Android keylogger and you will see that it is one of the top products on the market of this type of software

The 10 Features That Make It the Best

These are the top 10 features that classify the Mobile Spy Android keylogger as one of the best in its class:

1. SMS Text Messages

smsThe Android keylogger from Mobile Spy collects all SMS message exchanges to include the full text and shows them on your subscriber control panel.

Parents are concerned about not only who their children’s friends are but what they are saying in SMS text message exchanges with them. A teenager with the wrong friends could be discussing all sorts of inappropriate activities such as sex, parties with alcohol, and where to buy drugs.

Because you can see the full text of these message exchanges right from your control panel, you as a parent will be able to intervene as necessary.

2. Record Surroundings

Record SurroundingThis feature puts Mobile Spy in a class comparative with the expensive bugging equipment that private detectives use to listen to surroundings during investigations. Mobile Spy understands that not every activity that a parent or employer would be concerned about takes place on the physical Android device itself.

Recordings are initiated from the subscriber control panel and when activated the microphone of the monitored Android device is used as a bug to pick up all surrounding sounds. The user never has a clue that he is being recorded while he engages in conversations or activities that you as a parent or employer would certainly want to know about.

3. Stealth Camera

Stealth CameraThis Mobile Spy feature is like recording surroundings with the obvious difference being that it takes a photo using the monitored device’s camera.

Here again, the user of the device never suspects that these photos are being taken. Combined with the record surroundings feature it completes the puzzle as to what your child or employee is really up to.

For example, did your employee call you and say she is having a meeting with a client when in actuality she decided to stop off at a local bar and begin happy hour early. Just record the surroundings and take a stealth photo and you will have everything you need to take action.

4. GPS Locations Log

gpsThis feature tells even more of the story behind the activities of someone you are monitoring. The app records the GPS location history of the monitored device and sends it to your subscriber control panel for viewing. The GPS coordinates logged and sent can be cross-referenced with a map while viewing from your control panel.

Now you know where your employee or child is no matter what they tell you on the phone.

5. URL (Website) Log

website logWithout the Android keylogger app running on the smartphones of children and employees, there is no way to tell where they have been browsing the Internet. They could be looking at porn or other inappropriate sites and you would not have clue because they also delete their browsing history.

However, when you have the Mobile Spy app monitoring their devices, you get the history of each website they visited. And, it doesn’t matter if they deleted the history on their smartphones or not because by that time you have already received a copy.

6. Photo & Video Log

photo video logThis feature of the Mobile Spy Android keylogger collects the photos and videos taken on the monitored smartphone and sends a copy of them to your subscriber control panel for viewing.

With this feature you can derive if your teenager is taking self-shots in various stages of dress that “push the envelope” as they say. It is one thing that they do this, but what is even worse is that they share those self-shots on social networking forums for friends while never suspecting that they are also grabbing the attention of dangerous sexual predators.

7. Social Networking Logs

Social NetworkingSocial networking sites are popular among smartphone users because they are free to get started with and use. These social networking apps are built with ease of communications in mind. However, just like with SMS message exchanges, they can be abused by your teenager as well as your employee.

The Mobile Spy keylogger app has hooks into the popular social networking sites Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp. Just as with SMS message exchanges you get to see the full text of what they are talking about with friends.

Furthermore, a big problem with social networking sites is that they are somewhat addictive in nature and an employee or child could spend countless hours on them at the expense of productivity in terms of work and studies.

But with Mobile Spy, you will get a feel for how long they waste time on social networking sites and be able to put a stop to it.

8. E-Mail Log

emailThe ability to monitor messages is extended even further with the Mobile Spy Android keylogger. The app has hooks into the POP 3 email client on the smartphone as well as directly into the popular free email service Gmail.

Here again, you get to see the full text of all incoming and outgoing email messages.

9. Send SMS Commands

With the Mobile Spy Android keylogger, you as a subscriber have access to useful administrative and remote control commands via SMS. You can control the monitored smartphone by:

  • Locking/unlocking the device
  • Remotely deleting all information if necessary
  • Retrieving current SIM card information
  • Querying for the current GPS location of the device

You simply issue the SMS command to the monitored smartphone and Mobile Spy performs the operation on it. One of the advantages to having these remote commands is that you can take action should the monitored Android smartphone be stolen or go missing.

10. Application Blocking

App BlockingJust as there are inappropriate websites that you want Mobile Spy to block, the same applies to some apps. Some apps, such as games, contain violent content that you wouldn’t want your young person playing. Likewise, you wouldn’t want your employee wasting time throughout the day playing games.

The Mobile Spy Android keylogger takes an inventory of all apps installed on the monitored cell phone, sends the profile to your control panel, and allows you to filter those you don’t want to run on the smartphone.

Now you see why Mobile Spy is the best Android keylogger when it comes to monitoring a user’s activities on a smartphone running this operating system. As a parent or employer, you do not want those whom you look after involved in activities that they should not be. Visit our website today and get this powerful keylogger installed on their Android smartphones to begin learning the truth right away.