Top 5 Apps for Rooted Android Phones 2013

As we all know, the best thing out for android phones 2013 is rooting. When an android phone is rooted, it allows you full control over your Android phone and gives you full access to all apps. Before rooting your android phone, it is recommended that you first download an any-virus app to ensure your rooted phones protection against many security threats, these threats can still happen whether your Android phone is rooted or not. After rooting your android phone, questions may form in your mind such as “what now?” and “what apps should I try first?”. Well I have the top 5 apps for you as follows.

SuperSU (Free)


SuperSU allows you to add extra protection along with your anti-virus protection. You are able to select what apps are allowed to have root access and what is not allowed. This is especially great for apps that you simply do no trust, whether someone has had the app before that caused phone damage or if the app just does not look safe. It displays a message that informs the user that the app is not available if someone else is attempting to use that app without your permission. SuperSU is also good to add to your under aged children, if you are able to go through the apps before giving the android phone to them, you can ensure that there is no adult contented apps that are not suitable for children and teens. This app is recommended to be used regularly especially since there are new apps created every day.

Titanium Backup (Free)

Titanium Backup App

Titanium Backup allows you to back up all applications and other data. For instance, if you deleted a game by mistake while downloading it, you can go back to the game and select install and it will pick up where you left off at when you were installing the game at first. This saves time and disappointment. Another this great about Titanium Backup app is when you are exploring the internet and run across interesting info such as restaurants to try or shopping, titanium backup allows you to save it in your backup files so you can go back to them later and you can do this with just one simple step with your app.

Metamorph (Free)


Metamorph allows you to theme any part of your Android phone. This option happens by adding simple patch files. Most users find it difficult to make personal themes, so they just use themes that are preloaded by the manufacture of the android phone or by other users. With Metamorph, you can make your own personalized themes and use them for different parts of the android system like the lock-screen, menu screen, individual apps and screen savers. This can also be a good extra money maker for people who like to purchase themes. With your unique creativity, you can create a theme and sale it for your own price and profit.

AdFree (Free)


Ever want to get rid of that annoying ad that pops up right when you are getting ready to watch a movie, show, or video clip? Well this application does that for you by modifying your phones hosts file without slowing down your systems. Having the adfree app ensures your video experience to be a good one.

SetCPU ($1.99)


SetCPU controls the speed of your android phone. Sure, we can manually do this ourselves, but, this app gives you full control right away on how fast or slow your phone’s processor runs at all times. Speeds running between 240 MHz and 806 MHz, it also ensures non over heating for android phones that over clock by keeping watch on its temperatures and acting accordingly.

These top 5 apps can work wonders for your rooted android phone, they make having an android easy, safe, and fast to use and enjoy. They also give you a better piece of mind, from faster service on things that should be simple because these are systems we use everyday to keeping your family safe and still keeping a monitor on your children.

Mobile Spy

When it comes to mobile phone monitoring, the majority of people that have researched it at all have heard of Mobile Spy. This is one of the most popular Android keylogger apps that are currently available. The main reason that it is so popular is because it is reliable and has some of the best features.

The makers of Mobile Spy are RetinaX studios. The company has worked in the surveillance software industry for a very long time now. RetinaX studios specialize in keyloggers that can be used for mobile phones, as well as for tablets and for computers.

Mobile Spy has been the flag ship app when it comes to mobile phone spy technology. The app has been modified through the years as new technology becomes available. The app is compatible with the majority of smart phones that are currently on the market including the iPhone, Android, blackberry, Symbian, and Windows Mobile.

Once Mobile Spy is installed on the smartphone it will secretly capture the phone’s transmissions and activities. These are then relayed to a secure server that is available to the user online. The online server allows users to view the surveillance details from anywhere in the world at any time that they wish.

Features of Mobile Spy

Once a person purchases the Mobile Spy software and installs it on to the phone that they wish to monitor there are several features that it is capable of. Here are a few of the things that it can do:

  • Call History Logging: the software records all inbound and outbound calls
  • Text Message Logging: each text message that is sent or received by the phone will be recorded.
  • GPS tracking: the GPS coordinates are captured by the software and displayed on a map. This allows the user to know exactly where the phone is at all times.
  • YouTube: the software will record all videos watched on YouTube through the phone
  • Photos/Video: Mobile spy records all of the photos and videos that are taken with the phone.
  • Social Network: Both twitter and Facebook use is monitored
  • Websites: every website that is visited is recorded
  • IM tracking: instant messages that are sent through all of the popular services are monitored.
  • Remote Controlling: there are special text commands that can be used to turn the mobile on or off or to wipe it completely.
  • Live Surveillance: this option is not a part of the basic package, but can be added on. It allows you to see the screen of the phone as the user is typing.

Additional Benefits

There are two unique benefits that are offered by Mobile Spy that are currently not offered by any other software of this type. First, Mobile Spy allows a person to monitor more than one device from the same subscription. Second, there is currently a free trial offer that allows a person to use the software for up to a week before subscribing. If they decide to purchase the software they can keep the same account.

Start Your Free Trial of Mobile Spy today:

1. Register your account to create your trial username and password.
2. Install Mobile Spy to your phone and launch the program.
3. Login to your account to view logs. Check logs anytime.
4. Purchase before 7 days or uninstall.

If you want to find more information about mobile spy and how it can help you, then click here.

Best Android Keylogger App

If you are looking for an Android keylogger app, it is likely that you want to keep track of someone’s tablet or their smartphone. Often, this is a parent that is looking for a way to keep track of their children or an employer that does not want their employees using their business phones in inappropriate ways.

The biggest benefit of using an android keylogger app is that once it is installed on the mobile phone, the user will be able to monitor what the person is using their phone for from a remote location.

Features of Android Keylogger Apps

There are several android keylogger apps available and each comes with its own unique features. However, most of the keylogger apps have several key features in common. First, these apps will allow a person to track the location of a phone within a few feet. This is a useful function especially for parents that want to keep track of where their children are and to make sure that the child is where he/she says they will be.

Another common feature of the keylogger app is being able to view call logs, text messages, websites that are visited, as well as emails that are sent and received on the phone. The programs run in the background, which means that the person using the phone will be unaware that they are being monitored.

Keylogger Application Installation

Installing a keylogger app is really quite simple. It will require that the individual be the administrator for the phone that they wish to monitor. The person will then take the phone that they want to keep track of and install the software onto it.

The software can then be activated and will begin capturing all of the communication made from the phone. The user can log into an account that they have created in order to look at the logs of how the phone is being used.

Most Common Questions

Can I use the software for any android device?

Almost any type of android device can be monitored using this type of keylogger app. However, monitoring a tablet is a bit limited as the tablet market is still relatively new.

Which countries will the software work in?

Mobile Spy will work in any country on the planet as long as the phone you own and are monitoring has:

1) Unrestricted GPRS internet signal in the foreign country to upload logs
2) An active data / internet plan on the monitored phone
3) A phone service plan that allows for international service

Is using this software legal?

This type of software is legal, but the purpose that it is used for may be illegal. Parental monitoring and employee monitoring are both types of monitoring that are considered to be within the legal limits of the law. However, if using the software for any other purpose it is best to speak with an attorney.

What is the Best Android Keylogger App?

Mobile Spy is the most commonly recommended android keylogger app for mobile phones. The software is easy to install and has some of the best features including text message, phone call, website, and email monitoring as well as GPS location services. When choosing a keylogger app it is a good idea to compare the features of the different apps available and choose one that best meets your current needs.

If you want to learn more about Mobile Spy then visit I would also recommend you check out this link to read more about this application, and how it works.

How to Spy on Any Android Phone

So, you want to spy on an android phone? The Keylogger for an Android based phone has been around for a while now. The earlier keyloggers could complete simple tasks that included tracking where the Android phone was and the text messages sent and received on the phone.

New Android phone keylogger software systems offer even more features including smart phone tapping and website monitoring. Some of the best monitoring software programs will allow individuals to track the Android device through a GPS monitoring system as well as monitor all of the calls, texts, and websites that are visited with the phone.

How it Works

There are two basic requirements for this type of software. First, the mobile phone being used has to have internet capabilities. Second, the Android keylogger program that is chosen must be compatible with the operating system that the mobile phone is currently using. If both of these requirements are met, the setup and installation process of the software is really quite simple.

Typically, the software will be installed on the phone that is to be monitored. The data from the phone will be collected and then sent to an online account that the user has set up. Some mobile phone spy software will send the logs directly to an email address that has been provided while others have the individuals sign into a user account using a password and a username that they create in order to view the different logs.

The keylogger program runs in the background and remains undetectable by the mobile phone user. The program will record whatever data that the account administrator sets it up to monitor.

Why Use an Android Keylogger Software Program?

Both employers and parents tend to use this type of program. Employers can install the Android keylogger program onto their company phones to make sure that their employees are following the company guidelines in regard to the use of the mobile phone that has been provided.

Parents often choose this type of software program as a way to keep track of what their child/children are doing. This software will allow parents access to their children’s text messages, phone calls, as well as the websites that they visit from their phone. It is also a way for parents to keep track of where their children are as long as they have their mobile phone with them.

This type of software is extremely beneficial as it allows employers a way to monitor their employees’ behaviour and allows parents a way to keep tabs on their children.

Recommended Programs

Mobile Spy is one of the top recommended Android keylogger software programs. Mobile Spy has several key features including a secure account that a user can log into in real time to monitor the mobile phone that has been installed with the software. The software can track pictures, videos, websites, text messages, and phone calls that are made on the phone. It is also extremely easy to install and works with most operating systems.