What’s the Best Keylogger for Android Device?

Mobile Spy 7.0The cell phone market is now ruled by Smartphones that run on an Android operating system (OS). Because of the popularity of the Android devices, many parents and employers choose this platform to access. However, parents and employers know the importance of being able to monitor an Android device.

There are many options for monitoring children’s or employees’ cell phone activity, but Mobile Spy has been noted to be the best keylogger software for Android devices.

What is an Android Keylogger?

A keylogger basically logs every single keystroke that occurs on the Android Smartphone or tablet. Mobile Spy has successfully advanced by using the keylogger technology, and added in other cool monitoring features to make a dynamic monitoring/keylogger software.

Why is Mobile Spy the Best Keylogger for Android?

There are hundreds of Android keyloggers available on the market, but Mobile Spy stands out because it offers an array of monitoring features which include an advance keylogging system.

Here are some of the top reasons customers choose Mobile Spy for monitoring Android devices.

  • Keylogging capability
  • Comprehensive set of features
  • Extensive email, SMS, and internet messenger (IM) tracking
  • Support 24 x 7
  • Reporting capability
  • Flexible pricing
  • Android device management
  • Intuitive and easy-to-navigate control panel

Keylogging Gives You the Finishing Pieces of the Puzzle

The key importance of having keylogger capabilities is that no matter what form of text conversation your child or employee decides to use, the keylogger will be able to log every keystroke that occurs on the monitored Android phone.

There is no way for the user to get around being monitored because this advanced software will pick up keystrokes from all applications used on the Android phone or tablet.

The Keylogger feature will let you view the keystrokes typed on the monitored Android smartphone or tablet.

Mobile Spy will let you view the keystrokes typed on the monitored Android smartphone or tablet.

Other Monitoring Features

There are a variety of other monitoring features offered by Mobile Spy. This will give users a total monitoring solution for Android devices. The most noted features include:

mobile spy for android

  1. Spying on all incoming and outgoing calls
  2. Tracking visited websites
  3. Tracking of apps installed and utilized on the monitored smartphone
  4. Text message monitoring
  5. Tracking the location of the monitored device using GPS
  6. Blocking of inappropriate websites, numbers, and applications
  7. Logging their plans from the device’s local calendar
  8. Listening to the sounds surrounding the smartphone
  9. Capturing of photos and videos captured from the monitored device
  10. Complete stealth operation
  11. Comprehensive and easy-to-navigate control panel

This is just a short list of features that Mobile Spy customers have come to love.

The Power of Reading Conversations

When parents or employers gain the ability to read all the texts that are being held.

You will be able to pick up on employees who are not being productive during business hours. Parents will be made aware of conversations that are taking place between their child and other people. Mobile Spy will not allow any mischievous behavior to go unnoticed. Parents and employees will get the answers they need to keep the users of the Android devices safe.

The Mobile Spy is the clear choice for an advanced keylogger and monitoring of Android devices.

10 Best Features of the Android Keylogger

Android KeyloggerAndroid smartphones are rank among the most popular in the world in this class of communications devices. The reason is the open nature of the Android operating system and that many smartphone manufacturers take advantage of this characteristic and exploit all of its features.

Parents give Android smartphones to their children and employers issue them to their employees for valid reasons. Parents think about safety for their children and give them a smartphone so that their kids can reach them. Employers issue smartphones to their employees for use in their jobs.

There is a myriad of reasons why folks give those they look after an Android smartphone. However, there are also times when the recipients of these smart devices use them for mischief or misdeeds. A good example is just wasting time browsing the internet and chatting with friends.

This is why the folks at Retina-X Studios created the Mobile Spy Android keylogger and you will see that it is one of the top products on the market of this type of software

The 10 Features That Make It the Best

These are the top 10 features that classify the Mobile Spy Android keylogger as one of the best in its class:

1. SMS Text Messages

smsThe Android keylogger from Mobile Spy collects all SMS message exchanges to include the full text and shows them on your subscriber control panel.

Parents are concerned about not only who their children’s friends are but what they are saying in SMS text message exchanges with them. A teenager with the wrong friends could be discussing all sorts of inappropriate activities such as sex, parties with alcohol, and where to buy drugs.

Because you can see the full text of these message exchanges right from your control panel, you as a parent will be able to intervene as necessary.

2. Record Surroundings

Record SurroundingThis feature puts Mobile Spy in a class comparative with the expensive bugging equipment that private detectives use to listen to surroundings during investigations. Mobile Spy understands that not every activity that a parent or employer would be concerned about takes place on the physical Android device itself.

Recordings are initiated from the subscriber control panel and when activated the microphone of the monitored Android device is used as a bug to pick up all surrounding sounds. The user never has a clue that he is being recorded while he engages in conversations or activities that you as a parent or employer would certainly want to know about.

3. Stealth Camera

Stealth CameraThis Mobile Spy feature is like recording surroundings with the obvious difference being that it takes a photo using the monitored device’s camera.

Here again, the user of the device never suspects that these photos are being taken. Combined with the record surroundings feature it completes the puzzle as to what your child or employee is really up to.

For example, did your employee call you and say she is having a meeting with a client when in actuality she decided to stop off at a local bar and begin happy hour early. Just record the surroundings and take a stealth photo and you will have everything you need to take action.

4. GPS Locations Log

gpsThis feature tells even more of the story behind the activities of someone you are monitoring. The app records the GPS location history of the monitored device and sends it to your subscriber control panel for viewing. The GPS coordinates logged and sent can be cross-referenced with a map while viewing from your control panel.

Now you know where your employee or child is no matter what they tell you on the phone.

5. URL (Website) Log

website logWithout the Android keylogger app running on the smartphones of children and employees, there is no way to tell where they have been browsing the Internet. They could be looking at porn or other inappropriate sites and you would not have clue because they also delete their browsing history.

However, when you have the Mobile Spy app monitoring their devices, you get the history of each website they visited. And, it doesn’t matter if they deleted the history on their smartphones or not because by that time you have already received a copy.

6. Photo & Video Log

photo video logThis feature of the Mobile Spy Android keylogger collects the photos and videos taken on the monitored smartphone and sends a copy of them to your subscriber control panel for viewing.

With this feature you can derive if your teenager is taking self-shots in various stages of dress that “push the envelope” as they say. It is one thing that they do this, but what is even worse is that they share those self-shots on social networking forums for friends while never suspecting that they are also grabbing the attention of dangerous sexual predators.

7. Social Networking Logs

Social NetworkingSocial networking sites are popular among smartphone users because they are free to get started with and use. These social networking apps are built with ease of communications in mind. However, just like with SMS message exchanges, they can be abused by your teenager as well as your employee.

The Mobile Spy keylogger app has hooks into the popular social networking sites Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp. Just as with SMS message exchanges you get to see the full text of what they are talking about with friends.

Furthermore, a big problem with social networking sites is that they are somewhat addictive in nature and an employee or child could spend countless hours on them at the expense of productivity in terms of work and studies.

But with Mobile Spy, you will get a feel for how long they waste time on social networking sites and be able to put a stop to it.

8. E-Mail Log

emailThe ability to monitor messages is extended even further with the Mobile Spy Android keylogger. The app has hooks into the POP 3 email client on the smartphone as well as directly into the popular free email service Gmail.

Here again, you get to see the full text of all incoming and outgoing email messages.

9. Send SMS Commands

With the Mobile Spy Android keylogger, you as a subscriber have access to useful administrative and remote control commands via SMS. You can control the monitored smartphone by:

  • Locking/unlocking the device
  • Remotely deleting all information if necessary
  • Retrieving current SIM card information
  • Querying for the current GPS location of the device

You simply issue the SMS command to the monitored smartphone and Mobile Spy performs the operation on it. One of the advantages to having these remote commands is that you can take action should the monitored Android smartphone be stolen or go missing.

10. Application Blocking

App BlockingJust as there are inappropriate websites that you want Mobile Spy to block, the same applies to some apps. Some apps, such as games, contain violent content that you wouldn’t want your young person playing. Likewise, you wouldn’t want your employee wasting time throughout the day playing games.

The Mobile Spy Android keylogger takes an inventory of all apps installed on the monitored cell phone, sends the profile to your control panel, and allows you to filter those you don’t want to run on the smartphone.

Now you see why Mobile Spy is the best Android keylogger when it comes to monitoring a user’s activities on a smartphone running this operating system. As a parent or employer, you do not want those whom you look after involved in activities that they should not be. Visit our website today and get this powerful keylogger installed on their Android smartphones to begin learning the truth right away.

Why You May Need an Android Keylogger

You may be asking yourself as a parent or employer as to why you would need a keylogger running on the Android smartphone used by your child or issued to your employee. Likewise, you may be suspicious that your spouse is having an affair but not sure if an Android keylogger would get to the bottom of what is really happening. Here are some points to consider when making the decision to purchase one of these products.

The Clues

When making the decision as to whether or not to purchase a keylogger for Android, it is important to be sensitive to the clues with regard to your children, employees, or spouse. These clues include:

  1. Your child leaves the room every time a call or text is received on her cell phone
  2. An employee of yours with a company-issued cell phone is gone for extended hours
  3. Productivity levels drop for employees with company cell phones
  4. Your child is being stalked by a predator or getting bullied
  5. Your spouse is gone for long hours at night and returning home with stories that you suspect are lies
  6. Your child’s grades are dropping and homework assignments are not being turned in
  7. The friends your teenager is associating with appear to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  8. The risk of having a cell phone lost or stolen needs to be minimized

As you can see, the clues as to why you may need an Android keylogger are many. You could add more to this list.

Cell Phone Tracking and Your Child

Track Your Child PhoneAs mentioned above, there are clues as to when you suspect that you need an Android keylogger on your child’s cell phone. The first indicator is when you notice your child hiding her conversations and texting from you. She leaves the room every time she receives a text or gets a call.

Or maybe you notice that your teenager’s grades in school are dropping and he has dark circles around his eyes from lack of sleep. This could indicate that he is spending too much time with his cell phone on the internet or chatting with friends.

The situations were listed above and here is where a keylogger can help you get to the bottom of what is really happening.

With a keylogger running on your child’s Android smartphone you can:

  • See the full text every conversation your child has taken part in via the SMS, email, and third party chat applications
  • Know where your child has been going through the tracker’s GPS logging feature
  • See how long your child spends browsing inappropriate or time-wasting websites
  • View what photos your child has been taken and determine if they are inappropriate and inviting to sexual predators
  • See if the friends in the contacts file on your child’s smartphone are those whom you don’t know

There are many more tools available with the Android keylogger products as well. They are extremely valuable for getting to the truth when it comes to your child’s activities because their monitored cell phone is carried wherever they go.

The Android Keylogger for Your Employee

employee monitoringThen there are the employee situations where they have company-issued Android phones in their possession. When company-issued cell phones are used for their intended purpose then they are valuable tools but when not they can be costly in terms of lost employee productivity and even property loss.

Do you have a delivery driver with a company-issued cell phone who seems to be gone for hours with explanations that don’t add up? An Android keylogger logs GPS location history and you can analyze the routes he has been taking. Maybe he likes to divert himself on delivery runs and sip a few drinks at his favorite bar. Maybe he heads home and takes a nap. Without the Android keylogger, you’ll never know.

It helps you as an employer in other ways such as:

  • Allowing you to see the apps that they have downloaded to their phones such as games and how much company time they spend on them
  • Letting you view inappropriate and time-wasting websites that they spend their time on
  • Giving you access to the calendar on their smartphone so that you can see any time-wasting plans
  • Protecting the business-sensitive information on the cell phone if it is lost or stolen
  • See the full text of SMS messages, emails, and third-party chatting apps and determine if inappropriate conversation is taking place

For business: A keylogger is also important for monitoring utilization of company-issued smartphones. Some keylogger products provide online utilization reports and many allow you to export the collected data in formats that can be used by Microsoft Excel or other software to produce customized utilization reports.

Catch a Cheating Spouse with an Android Keylogger

Then there is the unfortunate situation when you suspect that your spouse is not being totally honest with you about his whereabouts.

Cheating Spouse

Maybe he meticulously covers his tracks but has no clue that you are watching everything through your subscriber control panel such as GPS locations, calls made, and text messages because you installed a keylogger on his phone.

If he is silly enough to take pictures of his affair partner with the monitored cell phone’s camera, you’ll see that through your control panel too.

As you can see, an Android keylogger is important in these life situations for staying abreast of what those whom you are in a relationship with or responsible for are doing. Check out what these products have to offer and choose one for keeping informed right away.

Using Android Keylogger to Promote the Right Internet Habits

Stop Bad HabitsToday’s Android smartphones present all sorts of opportunity for mischief when it comes to the internet. It’s like anything; internet access on a cell phone can be used for good but it can also bring out the poorest habits when it comes to browsing, chatting, and social network posting. This is mostly because the cell phone user can take the device anywhere.

But the Android keylogger product from Mobile Spy provides the solution to this problem with its feature-rich spy app for reporting all of the activities on the android phone that it is running on.

Poor Internet Habits

Poor internet habits reveal themselves in the following ways:

  1. Visiting inappropriate sites (e.g., porn, cam sites, etc.)
  2. Excessive browsing
  3. Social networking posts of an inflammatory or sexual nature
  4. Youtube videos that are age inappropriate or just waste time
  5. Hiding through third party messenger apps

Probably the most prevalent problem related to poor internet habits when it comes to your employees with company-issued cell phones is loss of productive time. Mobile Spy Android Keylogger is well-worth the affordable price when you weigh it against how much it would cost your business when you have employees away from the office and sitting in a coffee shop spending hours on the internet.

With your children, it is about wasting time as well. Furthermore, their young minds are not ready for many of the adult-oriented content that is available on the internet today. Plus, certain internet portals allow sexual predators to gain a path of access to your kids. Here again, the cost of Mobile Spy is minimal when it comes to protecting your children who are priceless.

1. Visiting Inappropriate Sites

Visiting inappropriate websites themed with porn or other sexual innuendo is not something parents want for their children. Furthermore there are adult forum sites where your children can have conversations with sexual predators that could potentially lead to danger.

Likewise, employees can waste time throughout the day perusing porn videos instead of doing their jobs. You can probably determine a relationship between your employee’s drop in productivity and his increase in visiting inappropriate websites.

Mobile Spy gives you a complete profile of all websites gone to along with the link, date, and time visited. It allows you to put an end to these situations by confronting your child or employee with the facts of the sites they have been visiting.

2. Excessive Browsing

Excessive web browsing can be almost as bad as going to inappropriate websites. When an employee spends long hours browsing through whatever is out there they are not productive and their mind is not on their work which could make it full of errors.

As a parent, if your child spends too much time browsing the web it can mean poor grades in school because of fewer hours dedicated to studies.

Excessive browsing can also mean higher cell phone service fees possibly because of exceeding monthly bandwidth limitations.

Here again, the ability of Mobile Spy to view all of the websites visited by the target phone user can reveal excessive use situations and allow you to bring them to an end. In fact, with the LIVE Control Panel add-on, you can lock their phone and bring the excessive browsing to a halt.

3. Social Networking

Social NetworkingInternet habits also apply to social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. On the surface, these venues are great for connecting with friends and sharing thoughts, links, and photos. However, not only can social networking sites be time wasters but can also expose your child to those who push the envelope as far as behavior on them.

For example, Facebook and Twitter messages at times can be inflammatory depending on whom your children have as friends. This can lead to a heated exchange between your child and the one making the comments.

With this Android keylogger, you can see the full text of the social networking conversations between the target phone user and someone else. All user names are listed as well.

4. Youtube Videos

Youtube is mostly for entertainment but it can be addictive as well. Young people have been known to waste countless hours on the site at the expense of their rest and studies. Plus, watching excessive Youtube videos is a mindless activity much like television. Then some Youtube videos are considered soft porn which you would not want your child watch either. There really is little of educational value on it.

Once again, Mobile Spy comes to the rescue and it allows you to see the links of all Youtube videos that your child or employee has been wasting their time on.

5. Non-SMS Messenger Apps


WhatsApp Messenger

Third party messenger and chat apps do not use SMS but rather the internet for communication. This makes them practically free to use and wide open for spending too much time chatting. These are apps such as WhatsApp, Gtalk, Yahoo Messenger, AOL’s Instant Messenger, and iMessage. Mobile Spy can view the logs and the conversations from all of these third party apps as well.

As you can see, a subscriber you can get a full profile of the internet habits of their child or employee with Mobile Spy. Don’t let these poor internet habits affect the safety and mental well-being of your child or employee. Order it today.

Android Keylogger: What You Need To Know

If you are looking for an Android keylogger, you will find that there are several products available on the market today. They share many of the same features with each having those that set them apart from their competition.

It seems to be overwhelming at first but with a little research you can narrow the choices down to the one that is best for you. More than likely that choice will be the Android keylogger from Mobile Spy as you will see after reading the reasons below.

Who Uses an Android Keylogger?

The users of an Android keylogger are those that have their reasons for needing this type of product. The users along with their reasons are:

  • Parents wanting to monitor the activities of their children pertaining to their use of the Android smartphones given to them
  • Employers needing to ensure that Android smartphones issued to their employees are used in accordance with company policy
  • Spouses suspicious that their partner is having an affair and needing to use an Android keylogger on their device to log calls, messages, and locations that might reveal if this true

Some need to purchase an Android keylogger for their own smartphone because the typical features with this software can help them recover a lost or stolen device or they only need to backup the information to an alternate storage location.

The Best Keylogger on the Market

mobile spy for androidAs mentioned above, you will probably find that Mobile Spy is the best Android keylogger on the market today and it is for these reasons:

  • Compatibility with Android smartphone as well as others: iPhone, BlackBerry, Symbian OS, and Windows Mobile
  • Track record of effectiveness and popularity
  • 7-day free trial
  • LIVE Control Panel add-on
  • Long list of features

The Android keylogger offered by Mobile Spy is also backed by a company that has been in the business of developing spy and keylogger products from the very beginning, Retina-X Studios.

Mobile Spy Keylogger Features and How They Help

By now you are probably curious as to the long list of features provided with the Mobile Spy keylogger and how they help you as a parent, employer, or concerned spouse. Here are the main ways the product helps you:


  1. It uploads all SMS and email messages to your secure subscriber control panel area where you can see them in their context and derive what the monitored person is up to or with whom they are communicating.
  2. The keylogger sends the URL of all websites visited on the Android device’s web browser and allows you to determine if your child or employee is visiting those that are inappropriate.
  3. All voice calls are logged and the information such as date/time and caller are uploaded. Here again, you can see with whom your children or cheating spouse is communicating with and take action if any are those that should be avoided.
  4. You can view all photos and videos generated by the monitored smartphone. This can help subscribers determine where the user of the monitored smartphone might be. It can also confirm suspicions of a cheating spouse.
  5. Real-time tracking of the Android keylogger can be performed through the option LIVE Control Panel add-on. This is helpful for tracking the GPS location of a lost or stolen smartphone, seeing the screen of the device live, and taking silent photos/listening to surrounding sounds on demand.

To add to the benefits of the LIVE Control Panel option, if the user keys messages through some third party app such as Viber, you can view what is being messaged even though Mobile Spy doesn’t provide tracking of texts through this app.

The powerful LIVE Control panel option only adds a single fee of $49.97 to the cost of a 12-month subscription.

Here’s an Overview of How It Works


The Mobile Spy Android keylogger works by installing a downloadable app to run silently on the smartphone being monitored. The app collects the logs related to all operations on the smartphone and sends the information across the internet to the Mobile Spy servers, indexes it, and stores it for subsequent viewing from the subscriber’s control panel.

To get started with the Mobile Spy Android keylogger, you the subscriber only need to follow these 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Choose and purchase the desired subscription tier from Mobile Spy: $49.97 for 3 months, $69.97 for 6 months, or $99.97 for 12 months.

Step 2: Use the information sent to you by Mobile Spy after your purchase to access the web link for downloading the Android keylogger app onto the device that will be monitored. You must have physical control of the smartphone to do this.

Step 3: After the app is installed, it will begin sending all logs from the device to the Mobile Spy server area. All you need to do is log in and begin browsing what has been sent.

There is more to the Android keylogger provided by Mobile Spy. Go to their website and see for yourself. Without a product such as this, it would be difficult to get to the truth concerning those you look after and what they are doing while carrying an Android smartphone that you gave them. Purchase the Mobile Spy keylogger and start being informed about their activities once again.

How to Protect Your Kids with Android Keylogger

Protect your ChildThe Android Keylogger from Mobile Spy is about monitoring the activities on your child’s Android smartphone. However, it is more than about monitoring or spying as it is also referred to. It is about protecting your child from all of the negative influences and threats that exist in today’s modern society. Keep reading and see just how effective the Mobile Spy Android keylogger is at protecting your children.

What it Protects From

Are you unsure as to what the Mobile Spy app protects your child from? Let’s start with this long list that includes protection from:

  • Friends who are a bad influence
  • Sexual predators
  • Bullies
  • Getting lost
  • Losing their smartphone or having it stolen
  • Time wasters
  • Mature websites with content they are not ready to handle
  • Trouble on social networking sites

And the list could continue but as you can see the Android keylogger from Mobile spy protects against quite a bit. Keep reading and see the specifics as to just how Mobile spy can help you protect your child.

Protecting Against Bad Influences

Bad influence means those with whom you don’t want your child to associate. Kids are into all kinds of things these days from drugs to sexual activity. With Mobile Spy Android keylogger app, you can see with whom your child is having voice communications, chats, exchanging emails, and messaging through the social networking sites.

You can view on the target phone the contacts file, call logs, SMS messages, IM chat messages, emails, and social networking messages. You can see the full text of all messages that pass through the monitored cell phone and get sent to your secure subscriber control panel area.

Additionally, you can set filters on these messages keyed on profanity or custom words that you define. For example, you can filter messages for the word “drugs” and get an alert any time it is used. This allows you to use the Mobile Spy Android keylogger as an aid to being a proactive parent.

Warding off the Criminals

Today’s advanced communications capabilities provided by smartphones unfortunately provide a gateway for sexual predators. Here again, you can see with the Android keylogger all incoming messages and detect if a predator is trying to make contact with your child.

Providing Comfort and Security

Parents worry about their children and it seems like constantly. Two big fears are their children getting lost or picked on by a bully. Parents also fear that their child will lose their expensive smartphone or it will get stolen. This is where Mobile Spy provides not only security but comfort from these worries as well.

With the LIVE Control Panel add-on option to the Mobile Spy Android keylogger, you can get your child’s current GPS location and guide her back home. If your child is being picked on a bully, you can use the LIVE Control panel feature to listen in on surroundings.

And, if the smartphone is lost or stolen, you can track its location, lock it, sound an alarm, and even wipe its contents if you need to. The LIVE Control panel provides the ultimate in comfort and security for your child and his or her Android smartphone.

Guarding Against Inappropriate Content

Adult websites are for adults—simple as that. But with today’s unfiltered smartphones and internet access your child can browse any website he wants and totally hidden from you. The old solution of putting the desktop computer in a family area to supervise web activities no longer works in all cases.

Here again, Mobile Spy can also log all websites visited from the monitored cell phone. If your child erases the browser history it is no problem. Every website visit has been captured in your secure control panel area.

Keeping Your Child Out of Trouble

Social networking sites are great for communicating and sharing with friends but they are also platforms for mischief. For instance, your child might try to be funny on Facebook but make posts that are in fact inflammatory. Children have been known to get into trouble at school for making inflammatory social network posts.

With Android keylogger, you can read your child’s posts on Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp and intervene if they get out of hand.

Teaching Your Child Time Management

Some of the apps on today’s Android phones are nothing but time wasters if their use is not monitored. Youtube is a good example. A child could spend hours on the video sharing site instead of getting her homework finished. Some Youtube videos even border on adult content which you would not want your child watching.

But the Mobile Spy Android keylogger captures Youtube videos watched from the monitored smartphone as well.

Are you convinced now that if your child has a smartphone that the Android keylogger software from Mobile Spy needs to be installed on it? Your children are the most cherished persons in your life. Don’t skimp on protecting them. Download and try the Mobile Spy app for free today: www.android-keylogger.net/free-trial/

How to Spy on Any Android Phone

So, you want to spy on an android phone? The Keylogger for an Android based phone has been around for a while now. The earlier keyloggers could complete simple tasks that included tracking where the Android phone was and the text messages sent and received on the phone.

New Android phone keylogger software systems offer even more features including smart phone tapping and website monitoring. Some of the best monitoring software programs will allow individuals to track the Android device through a GPS monitoring system as well as monitor all of the calls, texts, and websites that are visited with the phone.

How it Works

There are two basic requirements for this type of software. First, the mobile phone being used has to have internet capabilities. Second, the Android keylogger program that is chosen must be compatible with the operating system that the mobile phone is currently using. If both of these requirements are met, the setup and installation process of the software is really quite simple.

Typically, the software will be installed on the phone that is to be monitored. The data from the phone will be collected and then sent to an online account that the user has set up. Some mobile phone spy software will send the logs directly to an email address that has been provided while others have the individuals sign into a user account using a password and a username that they create in order to view the different logs.

The keylogger program runs in the background and remains undetectable by the mobile phone user. The program will record whatever data that the account administrator sets it up to monitor.

Why Use an Android Keylogger Software Program?

Both employers and parents tend to use this type of program. Employers can install the Android keylogger program onto their company phones to make sure that their employees are following the company guidelines in regard to the use of the mobile phone that has been provided.

Parents often choose this type of software program as a way to keep track of what their child/children are doing. This software will allow parents access to their children’s text messages, phone calls, as well as the websites that they visit from their phone. It is also a way for parents to keep track of where their children are as long as they have their mobile phone with them.

This type of software is extremely beneficial as it allows employers a way to monitor their employees’ behaviour and allows parents a way to keep tabs on their children.

Recommended Programs

Mobile Spy is one of the top recommended Android keylogger software programs. Mobile Spy has several key features including a secure account that a user can log into in real time to monitor the mobile phone that has been installed with the software. The software can track pictures, videos, websites, text messages, and phone calls that are made on the phone. It is also extremely easy to install and works with most operating systems.