Installation Guide

The Mobile Spy keylogger app runs silently on smartphones running the Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Symbian, or Windows Mobile operating systems (OS) and can be installed quickly and easily as you will see.

4 Things to Check Before Installing Mobile Spy

Of course the first step to taking advantage of this powerful cell phone keylogger offered by Mobile Spy is to purchase a subscription which gives you access to the keylogger app and subscriber control panel. However, there are some actions you need to take before purchasing:

  1. Make sure the device that you want to monitor is compatible with Mobile Spy.
  2. Get control of the smartphone that you will be installing the app on.
  3. In the case of an iOS device (iPhone), make sure it is jailbroken.
  4. Have a reliable Internet connection.

Jailbreaking is required for iPhones because the Mobile Spy app needs to access parts of the operating system (OS) that are not typically available to apps that you get from the Apple App Store.

A reliable Internet connection is a must-have because you will be downloading the app using it plus you need it for when the app starts transmitting the logs it collects from the monitored smartphone.

Getting Started with Mobile Spy

Once you have completed the prerequisite steps, getting started with Mobile Spy is a breeze. Now, you need to accomplish these 3 simple steps:

1. Make the purchase.

Choose from one of three subscriber plans depending on how long you need to monitor another smartphone. The Mobile Spy package is offered in three pricing tiers: 3 months for $49.97, 6 months for $69.97, and a full year for just $99.97. Obviously your best value is the full year subscription plan.


2. Download and install the app.

Now that you have completed your purchase, check your email inbox for your unique registration code. This code is important because with it you will register your Mobile Spy account and doing so allows you to create your login credentials for your control panel (username and password).

Download the keylogger software using the URL provided to you by Mobile Spy and then run the installer.

3. Begin viewing through your control panel

After installation is complete, Mobile Spy begins collecting information from the monitored smartphone and sends it at regular intervals to your control panel area. All you need to do is login and click on the links within the control panel interface to view the various logs.


After Installation

Putting Mobile Spy cell phone tracking software to use deals with monitoring what your children, employees, and cheating spouse are doing when your eyes are not on them.

With it you can see the calls made and received and with whom, the links to websites visited, the contacts file on the device, all of the GPS locations where the smartphone has been, the full text of all message exchanges, and more.

The software gets to the truth and you will no longer be in the dark. The Mobile Spy app is easy to install and there is no reason why you cannot get started today. Find out more about the Android keylogger at