Real Time Monitoring with Mobile Spy for Android

cell phone monitoringMobile Spy cell phone monitoring software is available for your Android device which you will find running on brands such as Samsung, LG, Nexus, and more. Here is what you get when you install and download this powerful cell phone spy software along with some other helpful information.

Mobile Spy for Android Compatibility

Mobile Spy is compatible with Android 1.5 and above. It should work with all phone carriers however it is important to check the Mobile Spy website for messages on any carriers that might restrict downloading the app to their phone.

Mobile Spy for Android Features

The features that are packaged with Mobile Spy for Android are many. To keep the list condensed, the features can be grouped as follows:

  • Message tracking
  • Internet activity tracking
  • Location tracking
  • Voice communications tracking
  • Real time monitoring
  • File/media tracking
  • Current phone configuration

Mobile Spy Login Screen

Message tracking includes the areas of email, SMS, and social networking. You can look at Gmail messages, all incoming and outgoing SMS messages, posts on Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, and more.

Internet activity tracking deals with getting information about what websites the user of the target phone is visiting. It is the perfect solution for when you cannot supervise what your teenagers are viewing at home.

Location tracking is handy when you want to know where your teenager or employee is during the monitoring. It works as a wealth of information telling you if the person of interest is where he or she should not be.

Voice communications tracking is somewhat like message tracking. There may be certain friends of your teenager that you prefer they not converse with. Likewise, you may have an employee you are monitoring who is contacting your competitors to give away confidential company information.

Real time monitoring is a fascinating feature about Mobile Spy for Android. You can actually record clips of sounds surrounding the target phone (including conversations) plus take photos remotely from your control panel and all completely in stealth mode.

File and media tracking deals with what is stored on the target phone. You can look at the pictures your teenager has been taking from the control panel and determine if they are appropriate or not. If you are monitoring an employee’s phone, you can determine if company sensitive files such as Powerpoint presentations are being shared with competitors.

Then there is the phone configuration area. With Mobile Spy, you can get a report related to new apps that may have been installed on the target phone. For example, you are tracking your teenager’s phone and he downloads a game that you would rather he not play.

Know What is Happening

Here’s a scenario for you. Your teenager is exchanging SMS messages with someone you would rather she not communicate with. But how do you know? She deletes the messages before you can take a look at her phone.

Mobile Spy has the answer to this scenario. With the tracking software installed on your teenager’s cell phone, SMS logs are transmitted to the Mobile Spy servers every 30 minutes with a GPS location and time stamp.

No matter what your teenager tells you, you still have the logs and know what is happening.

Rooting Your Android

You will read this term “rooting” when it comes to Mobile Spy and Android. What rooting refers to comes from UNIX terminology. The “super user” on a UNIX system has the name “root”. The super user is like the administrator and has access to all parts of the phone and operating system.

Since Android is based on Linux which is another variation of UNIX the term “root” carries on but now as “rooting”.

Rooting is beyond the scope of this article but what you need to know is that Mobile Spy will work with Android in either rooted or non-rooted mode.

The Power of Android

Android OSAndroid is a powerful operating system and similar to Apple’s iOS with the exception that it is based on two important facets: Linux and Open Source. In other words, it is heavy on the “open” and low on the “proprietary.”

Thus, it will continue to be a powerful opponent in the war for the top mobile phone on the market. You are likely to see more opting for Android devices because of the availability of free apps and apps such as Mobile Spy cell phone tracking software.

Don’t let someone under your responsibility and care use a cell phone to help them do wrong behind your back. Subscribe to and download Mobile Spy today.