Using Android Keylogger to Promote the Right Internet Habits

Stop Bad HabitsToday’s Android smartphones present all sorts of opportunity for mischief when it comes to the internet. It’s like anything; internet access on a cell phone can be used for good but it can also bring out the poorest habits when it comes to browsing, chatting, and social network posting. This is mostly because the cell phone user can take the device anywhere.

But the Android keylogger product from Mobile Spy provides the solution to this problem with its feature-rich spy app for reporting all of the activities on the android phone that it is running on.

Poor Internet Habits

Poor internet habits reveal themselves in the following ways:

  1. Visiting inappropriate sites (e.g., porn, cam sites, etc.)
  2. Excessive browsing
  3. Social networking posts of an inflammatory or sexual nature
  4. Youtube videos that are age inappropriate or just waste time
  5. Hiding through third party messenger apps

Probably the most prevalent problem related to poor internet habits when it comes to your employees with company-issued cell phones is loss of productive time. Mobile Spy Android Keylogger is well-worth the affordable price when you weigh it against how much it would cost your business when you have employees away from the office and sitting in a coffee shop spending hours on the internet.

With your children, it is about wasting time as well. Furthermore, their young minds are not ready for many of the adult-oriented content that is available on the internet today. Plus, certain internet portals allow sexual predators to gain a path of access to your kids. Here again, the cost of Mobile Spy is minimal when it comes to protecting your children who are priceless.

1. Visiting Inappropriate Sites

Visiting inappropriate websites themed with porn or other sexual innuendo is not something parents want for their children. Furthermore there are adult forum sites where your children can have conversations with sexual predators that could potentially lead to danger.

Likewise, employees can waste time throughout the day perusing porn videos instead of doing their jobs. You can probably determine a relationship between your employee’s drop in productivity and his increase in visiting inappropriate websites.

Mobile Spy gives you a complete profile of all websites gone to along with the link, date, and time visited. It allows you to put an end to these situations by confronting your child or employee with the facts of the sites they have been visiting.

2. Excessive Browsing

Excessive web browsing can be almost as bad as going to inappropriate websites. When an employee spends long hours browsing through whatever is out there they are not productive and their mind is not on their work which could make it full of errors.

As a parent, if your child spends too much time browsing the web it can mean poor grades in school because of fewer hours dedicated to studies.

Excessive browsing can also mean higher cell phone service fees possibly because of exceeding monthly bandwidth limitations.

Here again, the ability of Mobile Spy to view all of the websites visited by the target phone user can reveal excessive use situations and allow you to bring them to an end. In fact, with the LIVE Control Panel add-on, you can lock their phone and bring the excessive browsing to a halt.

3. Social Networking

Social NetworkingInternet habits also apply to social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. On the surface, these venues are great for connecting with friends and sharing thoughts, links, and photos. However, not only can social networking sites be time wasters but can also expose your child to those who push the envelope as far as behavior on them.

For example, Facebook and Twitter messages at times can be inflammatory depending on whom your children have as friends. This can lead to a heated exchange between your child and the one making the comments.

With this Android keylogger, you can see the full text of the social networking conversations between the target phone user and someone else. All user names are listed as well.

4. Youtube Videos

Youtube is mostly for entertainment but it can be addictive as well. Young people have been known to waste countless hours on the site at the expense of their rest and studies. Plus, watching excessive Youtube videos is a mindless activity much like television. Then some Youtube videos are considered soft porn which you would not want your child watch either. There really is little of educational value on it.

Once again, Mobile Spy comes to the rescue and it allows you to see the links of all Youtube videos that your child or employee has been wasting their time on.

5. Non-SMS Messenger Apps


WhatsApp Messenger

Third party messenger and chat apps do not use SMS but rather the internet for communication. This makes them practically free to use and wide open for spending too much time chatting. These are apps such as WhatsApp, Gtalk, Yahoo Messenger, AOL’s Instant Messenger, and iMessage. Mobile Spy can view the logs and the conversations from all of these third party apps as well.

As you can see, a subscriber you can get a full profile of the internet habits of their child or employee with Mobile Spy. Don’t let these poor internet habits affect the safety and mental well-being of your child or employee. Order it today.

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  • November 6, 2013 at 12:27 am

    I have a few questions first off how much memory do I have to have on the phone to install your software. Next after installing your software if I activate the microphone, will be the person that has the phone the software is installed on know that I’m activating it anyway.

    Also I know that it states that it runs hidden and cannot be seen at all however I recently purchased another software from Spector something or other called eblaster bet advertised similar functions and said the program was undetectable and that it could not be tampered with at all on the phone unless it was by the person who installed it. Yet come to find out after having the software not only after installing it and doing there automatic supposedly cleanup of the software to and I quote erase any traces of the program it clearly put an application type thing on under the download that says Mobile logs and was very easy to be uninstalled so that’s key logger has done me no good and I do not want have the same thing happen again.

    So please answer these questions and email me back so that I can make my decision thank you.

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