Why You May Need an Android Keylogger

You may be asking yourself as a parent or employer as to why you would need a keylogger running on the Android smartphone used by your child or issued to your employee. Likewise, you may be suspicious that your spouse is having an affair but not sure if an Android keylogger would get to the bottom of what is really happening. Here are some points to consider when making the decision to purchase one of these products.

The Clues

When making the decision as to whether or not to purchase a keylogger for Android, it is important to be sensitive to the clues with regard to your children, employees, or spouse. These clues include:

  1. Your child leaves the room every time a call or text is received on her cell phone
  2. An employee of yours with a company-issued cell phone is gone for extended hours
  3. Productivity levels drop for employees with company cell phones
  4. Your child is being stalked by a predator or getting bullied
  5. Your spouse is gone for long hours at night and returning home with stories that you suspect are lies
  6. Your child’s grades are dropping and homework assignments are not being turned in
  7. The friends your teenager is associating with appear to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  8. The risk of having a cell phone lost or stolen needs to be minimized

As you can see, the clues as to why you may need an Android keylogger are many. You could add more to this list.

Cell Phone Tracking and Your Child

Track Your Child PhoneAs mentioned above, there are clues as to when you suspect that you need an Android keylogger on your child’s cell phone. The first indicator is when you notice your child hiding her conversations and texting from you. She leaves the room every time she receives a text or gets a call.

Or maybe you notice that your teenager’s grades in school are dropping and he has dark circles around his eyes from lack of sleep. This could indicate that he is spending too much time with his cell phone on the internet or chatting with friends.

The situations were listed above and here is where a keylogger can help you get to the bottom of what is really happening.

With a keylogger running on your child’s Android smartphone you can:

  • See the full text every conversation your child has taken part in via the SMS, email, and third party chat applications
  • Know where your child has been going through the tracker’s GPS logging feature
  • See how long your child spends browsing inappropriate or time-wasting websites
  • View what photos your child has been taken and determine if they are inappropriate and inviting to sexual predators
  • See if the friends in the contacts file on your child’s smartphone are those whom you don’t know

There are many more tools available with the Android keylogger products as well. They are extremely valuable for getting to the truth when it comes to your child’s activities because their monitored cell phone is carried wherever they go.

The Android Keylogger for Your Employee

employee monitoringThen there are the employee situations where they have company-issued Android phones in their possession. When company-issued cell phones are used for their intended purpose then they are valuable tools but when not they can be costly in terms of lost employee productivity and even property loss.

Do you have a delivery driver with a company-issued cell phone who seems to be gone for hours with explanations that don’t add up? An Android keylogger logs GPS location history and you can analyze the routes he has been taking. Maybe he likes to divert himself on delivery runs and sip a few drinks at his favorite bar. Maybe he heads home and takes a nap. Without the Android keylogger, you’ll never know.

It helps you as an employer in other ways such as:

  • Allowing you to see the apps that they have downloaded to their phones such as games and how much company time they spend on them
  • Letting you view inappropriate and time-wasting websites that they spend their time on
  • Giving you access to the calendar on their smartphone so that you can see any time-wasting plans
  • Protecting the business-sensitive information on the cell phone if it is lost or stolen
  • See the full text of SMS messages, emails, and third-party chatting apps and determine if inappropriate conversation is taking place

For business: A keylogger is also important for monitoring utilization of company-issued smartphones. Some keylogger products provide online utilization reports and many allow you to export the collected data in formats that can be used by Microsoft Excel or other software to produce customized utilization reports.

Catch a Cheating Spouse with an Android Keylogger

Then there is the unfortunate situation when you suspect that your spouse is not being totally honest with you about his whereabouts.

Cheating Spouse

Maybe he meticulously covers his tracks but has no clue that you are watching everything through your subscriber control panel such as GPS locations, calls made, and text messages because you installed a keylogger on his phone.

If he is silly enough to take pictures of his affair partner with the monitored cell phone’s camera, you’ll see that through your control panel too.

As you can see, an Android keylogger is important in these life situations for staying abreast of what those whom you are in a relationship with or responsible for are doing. Check out what these products have to offer and choose one for keeping informed right away.