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android keyloggerHoverwatch is the most powerful Android spy and keylogging app that lets you monitor ALL the activities of ANY Android phone. It’s super easy to install on the phone you want to monitor. The monitored phone’s usage information and its exact location are uploaded instantly and can be viewed within minutes by logging in to your Hoverwatch account from any device, anywhere in the world. The monitored phone’s user will never know that they are being monitored as this app works in complete stealth mode.

Try Hoverwatch for free: 3-day free trial.

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(Hoverwatch supports Android OS version 4.0 and above)

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  1. Hi,

    Will I be able to remotely install the software on a phone without having access to it?


    • Hi Vastu,

      You need to download the app directly into the phone that you want to monitor. There is no way to remotely install this software.

      Once you have installed the android keylogger, you will be able to monitor the phone from anywhere in the world.

      Best regards,
      John |

  2. If the account is about to expire, will the phone user see a notification to “upgrade or purchase product” again to continue with the program? As stated in the Overview, “In the applications menu you will click on the manage applications and find the appropriate entry, either the GPS settings, Android Toolkit, or Smartphone for the mobile spy software. Click on the right one and then click the uninstall tab”. Does this mean the user will be able to see this if he/she happens to do this on the phone?- specifically on the Android Samsung Galaxy S3.

  3. What happens to the location feature if the phone user disables the GPS and WiFi feature on the phone? Will it pop-up on their screen to show an error and ask the user to turn-on the GPS again?

  4. Hi Eric,

    MSpy won’t display anything on the screen from the monitored Android phone when your account is about to expire (or cancel your subscription). Keep in mind the application works in stealth mode and no one will know he is being monitored… except you.

    When you install the app, you will notice the name of the application shown does not say mSpy. The name was changed to better camouflage it in the Application list on the phone as not to arouse suspicion that the phone is being monitored.


    • Yes, with the WhatsApp Messenger logging feature you can read all incoming and outgoing WhatsApp messages. You can also monitor all the text messages on the target phone.

        • Rooting is not required, but you need to do it if you want to use Messenger Chat and WhatsApp logging features.

          • so the whatsapp logging feature DOESN’T WORK unless you root it. I don’t want to root my phone, It’s too fucking complicated and you can mess it up if you don’t know what you’re doing. Is there any other way to log whatapp messages without rooting ?

  5. Question 1: Can one product be used on both a phone / tablet (android) and also on a mac notebook computer or would I have to pay for two licenses? Question 2: Will I be able to retrieve login and password information entered into the monitored device?

    • 1. You can only have the software installed on one Phone / Tablet at a time. If you want to use Mobile Spy on a phone and a tablet you will need two licenses.

      2. Mobile Spy doesn’t have this feature but SniperSpy can do it. When you purchase a 12 month license of Mobile Spy, you will receive SniperSpy Mac remote monitoring software for FREE.

  6. Q1: The photos taken in stealth camera mode, still exists in phone or not?, the user can find out if the photos exists in phone. same with the stealth audio also. Please confirm

    • It does not exist in the phone. The Stealth Camera feature enables you to take secret pictures from the targeted phone without allowing the user know that pictures are being clicked from the phone’s camera. It is totally stealth and hidden.

  7. Could I monitor Facebook activity and Facebook private chat, and will I be able to see the log-in password. Also, will I be able to see Viber messages?

    • 1. You can read Facebook private chat that was sent or received from the phone, but you can’t see the log-in password.

      2. At the moment the application does not have the function to record Viber messages.

  8. Good evening. If the target phone user switches off the GPS, will this program continue to be able to monitor the phone’s location?

    • Locations are uploaded when a GPS signal is available. Mobile Spy can get a location ONLY when the GPS receiver in the phone can receive a location. If no location can be found, then no data can be uploaded. Also, if your service provider charges for GPS services, make sure your phone plans have this feature in order for GPS locations to be captured.

  9. Will it monitor any key stroke pressed like normal logger?
    secondly will it record skype calls and messages

    • I’m interested because there’s a social gaming app that has a built in chat feature. Because the chat is in-game, there’s no log…so to determine what’s being said in the in-game chat, it would have to log keys.

      Is there an answer to this?
      If no, is there a recommended solution?

  10. Will it record if the user is using incognito ? And when a picture is taken , will the screen flash or flicker ? What if the phone has an anti spyware on it , will your program still work ? Thank you

    • 1. Logs will not uploaded if you use incognito mode.

      2. The screen wont flash or anything.

      3. Mobile Spy works as a hidden process and due to such spy nature, it is possible that few antivirus software may detect it as malicious or give warning against it. You can simply ignore the notification and add the software into its ignored/exception list for the smooth working of Mobile Spy.

  11. Can the app be removed from the screen and can i use this keylogger on a Samsung S3 and…..what does ROOT mean?

    • 1. Once installed, the keylogger icon automatically hides or disables from the phone screen. If in case, the keylogger icon is not invisible, then reboot your Android phone. The keylogger icon hides away.

      2. Yes you can. It works well with Samsung S3 smartphone.

      3. For Android phones, rooting the phone means to gain administrative rights on the file system of your phone or in other words get master admin rights. The Mobile Spy will work on both rooted and non rooted versions of your phone however with rooted phone you will be able to monitor more activities like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter and Gmail on the device.

      Hope this helps.
      John |

  12. Hello.
    If it’s not rooted does it log keys typed as in whatsapp conversation.
    I’m a bit lost with downloading instructions I’m afraid .
    Thanks Kevin

    • It monitors social media messenger apps such as Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp, but it doesn’t support Kik Messenger at this time.

  13. If it doesn’t log in Incognito mode then its so not worth that much money per month. My husband is a computer nerd, like so much that he will not purchase a device unless Asus built it and it ends up being 4X the price of the so-called name brand devices like HP or Samsung. His devices come so secured and freakn complicated that ill never know if my suspicions are correct or not.

    Anyone with even basic computer sense knows to use Incognito Mode for your dirty stuff so how are us wives of the tech nerds gonna find out anything??!!! I’m desperate (36 weeks pregnant) and heartbroken and can’t even sleep over all this so does anyone know of ANY app/ site that could help me? I’m positive he’s using some kind sexting app too so even some tricks or ways of finding those profiles would help.

  14. Is the license transferable between devices if a device is lost or broken? How many devices can you transfer to during the license period?

    • You can transfer your license to another device (if required), simply uninstall the software remotely from your control panel, and then install it to the second phone. Actually it can be installed on as many devices as you like but can only be running on one phone at a time.

  15. I am really interested in buying one license for my kid who is going to college. I’m just concerned about one thing. What happens when there is a factory data reset done? Does this remove everything from the phone and you have to install it again? I’m asking because he does it quite often.

    • Yes you are right, if he does a factory reset, it will reset the phone back to its default settings, and all the data and software not factory installed will be lost so you have to install it again.

  16. I would like to test this out before I install on the target phone. Is it possible to buy a license and install on my phone first and then once I’m satisfied on how it works, transfer that license to the target phone? Thanks

    • Yes, and it’s simple. Once you are sure everything is working correctly, you can uninstall it from your control panel -> “My Devices” section, and then install it to the target phone.

        • Sorry for the confusion Zia! Web Control Panel is the Mobile-Spy remote control panel that is accessed by you. You can change logging settings & uninstall the software from your control panel, and all recorded logs of the monitored phone are displayed there. And yes, it works with Samsung S3 smartphone too. Thank you for stopping by.

  17. just got an LgG2 phone with android 4.2.2 and chrome browser. added Spector soft key logger and found out it was not working because of the latest browser. It needed AOSP browser. my question will this work for latest android browser, android 4.2.2? I’m reading along the blog about “rooting”, does it need to be rooted?

    • It works well with android 4.2.2.

      If you want to monitor more activities like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter and Gmail, then I would recommend you to root your device. Otherwise, it is not necessary.

  18. Will the software record BBM chats on a Samsung using Android 4.1 Jelly Bean?
    Or will it simply record keys logged when using BBM but not the incoming messages?

  19. I am interesting in buying your software but just to make sure if it records password keystrokes when one is using to sign in gmail account without the need of rooting the device such as Samsung note 3 or Samsung S4?

    • Thank you for your interest!

      At this time, the Mobile Spy software can’t do that, but SniperSpy can. However, SniperSpy is only available for Windows and Mac computers.

  20. How much data (bandwidth) does the program use per month in order to report back the information to the web?

  21. Does your program allows you to view facebook messages… and is your program a keylogger for cell phones?

  22. When will there be a software keylogger for logging strokes typed in incognito mode? That is truly what everyone is waiting for. I have read thousands of comments from people asking about this.

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