Best Android Keylogger App

If you are looking for an Android keylogger app, it is likely that you want to keep track of someone’s tablet or their smartphone. Often, this is a parent that is looking for a way to keep track of their children or an employer that does not want their employees using their business phones in inappropriate ways.

The biggest benefit of using an android keylogger app is that once it is installed on the mobile phone, the user will be able to monitor what the person is using their phone for from a remote location.

Features of Android Keylogger Apps

There are several android keylogger apps available and each comes with its own unique features. However, most of the keylogger apps have several key features in common. First, these apps will allow a person to track the location of a phone within a few feet. This is a useful function especially for parents that want to keep track of where their children are and to make sure that the child is where he/she says they will be.

Another common feature of the keylogger app is being able to view call logs, text messages, websites that are visited, as well as emails that are sent and received on the phone. The programs run in the background, which means that the person using the phone will be unaware that they are being monitored.

Keylogger Application Installation

Installing a keylogger app is really quite simple. It will require that the individual be the administrator for the phone that they wish to monitor. The person will then take the phone that they want to keep track of and install the software onto it.

The software can then be activated and will begin capturing all of the communication made from the phone. The user can log into an account that they have created in order to look at the logs of how the phone is being used.

Most Common Questions

Can I use the software for any android device?

Almost any type of android device can be monitored using this type of keylogger app. However, monitoring a tablet is a bit limited as the tablet market is still relatively new.

Which countries will the software work in?

Mobile Spy will work in any country on the planet as long as the phone you own and are monitoring has:

1) Unrestricted GPRS internet signal in the foreign country to upload logs
2) An active data / internet plan on the monitored phone
3) A phone service plan that allows for international service

Is using this software legal?

This type of software is legal, but the purpose that it is used for may be illegal. Parental monitoring and employee monitoring are both types of monitoring that are considered to be within the legal limits of the law. However, if using the software for any other purpose it is best to speak with an attorney.

What is the Best Android Keylogger App?

Mobile Spy is the most commonly recommended android keylogger app for mobile phones. The software is easy to install and has some of the best features including text message, phone call, website, and email monitoring as well as GPS location services. When choosing a keylogger app it is a good idea to compare the features of the different apps available and choose one that best meets your current needs.

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