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Mobile Spy Android Keylogger Free Trial

Mobile Spy Free Trial

Are you a parent of a teenager and interested to see how they are really using their mobile phone? Do you provide employees with a mobile phone and want to know if they are following company policy? Mobile Spy offers a way to monitor mobile phone usage of phones that you are the administrator of.

If you are considering cell phone monitoring software, Mobile Spy is offering a free trial of their software. You can use the software for a full week without making any type of purchase. After seven days your free trial account will expire and if you like the software you have the option of buying a subscription.

Here is a direct link to the download page (Simply follow the installation instructions to get started) :

Here are the simple steps to follow for mobile spy free trial:

Step One: Register an account and choose a trial username and a password.
Step Two: Install the Mobile Spy Software onto the mobile phone and then launch the program.
Step Three: login into the account that you created and view the logs. You can check these logs at any time during the seven day free trial.
Step Four: Buy the program before the seven day trial is complete or uninstall the software from the phone.

When you register your account you will be sent a user guide that will provide you with the instructions for downloading the software onto your phone.

Free Trial Offer Features

With the free trial offer of Mobile Spy Android Keylogger, you will be able to view the phone logs online from any personal computer or phone web browser. These logs are available in real time, with the GPS location of the phone being updated every thirty minutes.

The free trial offers you the chance to evaluate the software program and services for a full week before making a purchase. If you decide that the software is something that you can use you will be able to use your same free trial account that was created once you make the purchase of the program. All trial users are provided with full documentation and support during the trial phase. This is the same support that you can expect of the program once you have purchased the software and become a full user.

When creating an account, even a trial account, you will need to accept the terms and conditions. This is a requirement as soon as a username is created.

11 thoughts on “Free Trial

  1. This is the best android keylogger app I have used so far. I never expected that I can track my husband’s activities on his phone, and it’s all in real-time using the software’s live control features.

  2. I just tried it on my samsung galaxy s4 and it worked. It offers a lot of useful features, such as GPS tracking, text message logging, call history logging, whatsapp logging, browser history logging, application blocking and much more. Don’t take my word for it, try it yourself and you’ll see!

  3. I want to use this software in my gf’s samsung galaxy y pro duos, does it support? it’s android ICS device. can I make it full version or purchase it remotely after using it trial in gf’s cell? please reply me….I’m interested.

    • 1. Yes, it supports samsung galaxy y pro duos.

      2. Yes you can! At the end of your free trial you can purchase a license from the Mobile Spy website, and activate it to full version.

  4. I wonder if it works on Kindle Fire HD – it is Android 4.0 so I suppose that it could be supported, but?

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