How It Works

The Mobile Spy software is the latest in mobile phone surveillance. This great keylogger software will allow an individual to install it on to any compatible smartphone that they own or have consent to monitor. The Mobile Spy software will then log the activity of the phone such as text messages and phone call information. It can also record the location of the phone every thirty minutes using GPS.

The person that installs the software does not have to be next to the phone or have the phone on them in order to see the activity. Here is how the process works:

How Android Keylogger Works

Step 1: Make Purchase

In order to buy this software a person must acknowledge that they have permission to monitor the phone, either as the owner or the authorized administrator. After qualifying, you will then go to the ordering page and finish each of the sections. This includes agreeing to the legal requirements for using the software.

After completing all of the sections you will be directed to the payment page. Once you enter the appropriate billing information, the order will be completed and you will be sent an email.

Step 2: Download Software to Phone

Once you have finished your order you will be emailed a receipt. This receipt will have a registration code that can be used to create your account. You will need to set up a user name and password. This is the account where all of the logs of messages, locations, and phone calls will be kept.

There will also be a link in the email to download the program. The application can be installed onto the mobile phone by following the specific directions provided for the type of phone that you are going to be monitoring.

Step 3: Adjust Settings

The next step after installing the software is to notify the mobile phone user that the phone is being monitored. Mobile Spy will be hidden from the phone’s user, so it is your responsibility to tell them that the phone is monitored.

A specific key sequence will need to be entered on the phone in order to have the interface for the software brought up. The different settings for the program can be entered from this interface.

The order email will contain the necessary instructions for bringing up the interface. The program will work even when the phone is off and then back on. All activities conducted on the phone will be recorded and then uploaded into the account that you created on the Mobile Spy site.

Step 4: Login to View Activities

The final step is to log into your account to view the activities of the phone that is being monitored. Simply log into your account and enter the username and password that you signed up with. Once logged in you will be on the control panel. From here you can view all of the activities that have been conducted on the phone. There is a list on the side of the page that will allow you to view each type of activity separately.

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