Top 5 Apps for Rooted Android Phones 2013

As we all know, the best thing out for android phones 2013 is rooting. When an android phone is rooted, it allows you full control over your Android phone and gives you full access to all apps. Before rooting your android phone, it is recommended that you first download an any-virus app to ensure your rooted phones protection against many security threats, these threats can still happen whether your Android phone is rooted or not. After rooting your android phone, questions may form in your mind such as “what now?” and “what apps should I try first?”. Well I have the top 5 apps for you as follows.

SuperSU (Free)


SuperSU allows you to add extra protection along with your anti-virus protection. You are able to select what apps are allowed to have root access and what is not allowed. This is especially great for apps that you simply do no trust, whether someone has had the app before that caused phone damage or if the app just does not look safe. It displays a message that informs the user that the app is not available if someone else is attempting to use that app without your permission. SuperSU is also good to add to your under aged children, if you are able to go through the apps before giving the android phone to them, you can ensure that there is no adult contented apps that are not suitable for children and teens. This app is recommended to be used regularly especially since there are new apps created every day.

Titanium Backup (Free)

Titanium Backup App

Titanium Backup allows you to back up all applications and other data. For instance, if you deleted a game by mistake while downloading it, you can go back to the game and select install and it will pick up where you left off at when you were installing the game at first. This saves time and disappointment. Another this great about Titanium Backup app is when you are exploring the internet and run across interesting info such as restaurants to try or shopping, titanium backup allows you to save it in your backup files so you can go back to them later and you can do this with just one simple step with your app.

Metamorph (Free)


Metamorph allows you to theme any part of your Android phone. This option happens by adding simple patch files. Most users find it difficult to make personal themes, so they just use themes that are preloaded by the manufacture of the android phone or by other users. With Metamorph, you can make your own personalized themes and use them for different parts of the android system like the lock-screen, menu screen, individual apps and screen savers. This can also be a good extra money maker for people who like to purchase themes. With your unique creativity, you can create a theme and sale it for your own price and profit.

AdFree (Free)


Ever want to get rid of that annoying ad that pops up right when you are getting ready to watch a movie, show, or video clip? Well this application does that for you by modifying your phones hosts file without slowing down your systems. Having the adfree app ensures your video experience to be a good one.

SetCPU ($1.99)


SetCPU controls the speed of your android phone. Sure, we can manually do this ourselves, but, this app gives you full control right away on how fast or slow your phone’s processor runs at all times. Speeds running between 240 MHz and 806 MHz, it also ensures non over heating for android phones that over clock by keeping watch on its temperatures and acting accordingly.

These top 5 apps can work wonders for your rooted android phone, they make having an android easy, safe, and fast to use and enjoy. They also give you a better piece of mind, from faster service on things that should be simple because these are systems we use everyday to keeping your family safe and still keeping a monitor on your children.