Mobile Spy

When it comes to mobile phone monitoring, the majority of people that have researched it at all have heard of Mobile Spy. This is one of the most popular Android keylogger apps that are currently available. The main reason that it is so popular is because it is reliable and has some of the best features.

The makers of Mobile Spy are RetinaX studios. The company has worked in the surveillance software industry for a very long time now. RetinaX studios specialize in keyloggers that can be used for mobile phones, as well as for tablets and for computers.

Mobile Spy has been the flag ship app when it comes to mobile phone spy technology. The app has been modified through the years as new technology becomes available. The app is compatible with the majority of smart phones that are currently on the market including the iPhone, Android, blackberry, Symbian, and Windows Mobile.

Once Mobile Spy is installed on the smartphone it will secretly capture the phone’s transmissions and activities. These are then relayed to a secure server that is available to the user online. The online server allows users to view the surveillance details from anywhere in the world at any time that they wish.

Features of Mobile Spy

Once a person purchases the Mobile Spy software and installs it on to the phone that they wish to monitor there are several features that it is capable of. Here are a few of the things that it can do:

  • Call History Logging: the software records all inbound and outbound calls
  • Text Message Logging: each text message that is sent or received by the phone will be recorded.
  • GPS tracking: the GPS coordinates are captured by the software and displayed on a map. This allows the user to know exactly where the phone is at all times.
  • YouTube: the software will record all videos watched on YouTube through the phone
  • Photos/Video: Mobile spy records all of the photos and videos that are taken with the phone.
  • Social Network: Both twitter and Facebook use is monitored
  • Websites: every website that is visited is recorded
  • IM tracking: instant messages that are sent through all of the popular services are monitored.
  • Remote Controlling: there are special text commands that can be used to turn the mobile on or off or to wipe it completely.
  • Live Surveillance: this option is not a part of the basic package, but can be added on. It allows you to see the screen of the phone as the user is typing.

Additional Benefits

There are two unique benefits that are offered by Mobile Spy that are currently not offered by any other software of this type. First, Mobile Spy allows a person to monitor more than one device from the same subscription. Second, there is currently a free trial offer that allows a person to use the software for up to a week before subscribing. If they decide to purchase the software they can keep the same account.

Start Your Free Trial of Mobile Spy today:

1. Register your account to create your trial username and password.
2. Install Mobile Spy to your phone and launch the program.
3. Login to your account to view logs. Check logs anytime.
4. Purchase before 7 days or uninstall.

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